Gyermek kick-box

The Thai boxing, Muay Thai original name from an unarmed martial art from Thailand. Originally cultivated without any equipment, today the athletes according to standardized rules, are fighting using boxing gloves and protective equipment for certain, but there are so-called traditional Thai boxing matches, where they leave the protective gear. Thai boxing is known as the "science of eight limbs" because the fighter during the fight not only his fists, but his legs, knees and elbows can be used. Several organizations around the world to organize world championships Thai boxers for more weight classes, men's and women's categories. warfare The Muay Thai differs in several respects karatétól and kungfutól; the kicks and punches are entered into full force, they will not be back. Splendour in time, during the reign of King Tiger (see story) weight classes, and without rules, free fight was about. Fought bare feet, sometimes hemp wrapped around the forearms. If both fighters agreed to the broken glass reinforced their hands. The fighters are still grappling with bare feet, ankles and feet, wearing rubber boxing gloves on their hands. Today, there is also great popularity of the so-called fight bandage. Then the fighters do not wear gloves, bandages on their hands only. The same practices, "kata" has now disappeared from the repertoire of exercise. The concentration, strength, reflexes, timing constant fighting practices developed. In addition, kicking and ütőzsákokon on. In order to avoid unnecessary injury in training on protective equipment. The music, traditional dance (Vai and Khru Ram Muay), which before the games and during the games to play, lend a special charm and distinction of Muay Thai. The fight after the band rhythmically drums, plucked and wind instruments in Javanese. The pre-fight ritual of Vai Khru (honor the master). Then the warriors danced the ram muay. Thus, the warrior cleanse the hearts of fear and prepare for the fight. Taken immediately before the start of the match mongkont, the headband that you wear during the ritual wrapped around their heads, which is part of the traditional costume. Mongkok was allegedly wrapped in a cloth in ancient times imatekercsekből I rode so close to the head, it would not come off during the struggle. The Warriors maintained that it protects them from the unfortunate injury. "At 14 I met in 1994 at the Kyokushin Karate trend, in which I spent three years. During this time I have participated in several matches, and mostly left to win in the arena. I wanted to switch to a martial arts appropriations is more complex, more comprehensive fighting style . then switched in 1996 to the Hong Lung Chuan Tao Kung Fu on where we could head to attack punches, which Kyokushin Karate shortcomings. this martial arts got first Hungarian League address in 1997. then had the opportunity to associations that Thai boxversenyeken can get involved and hence the results are reported on-line. since 1998 until 2002, every year the Hungarian championship earned "C", and later "category B". since 2000 mainly foreign galas and events started, and in 2000 and 2001 the year I finished a 100% scale, with the result that in 2001, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing boxolhattam 2002 European Championship title. Both title fight victory has been closed. since 2003 after I finished my studies, and I got to work, the less power you have left training, but is still in full force I was going to throw challenges. I raced up to 2008, although much less than the number in 2003 match-up, but many can I find myself behind victory gala Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing, Mma k1 and rule systems. In addition to the racing image I keep myself, and as I had the opportunity, I tried other martial arts, and I learned from renowned coach. Judo became acquainted with the Punching Bag, Kemp Oval, and the jiu-jitsu with. Balance of the last 14 years, 65 different styles of match 57 wins, eight defeats. "

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